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The team has been on the ground  to coordinate a water management committee within Orkisima village.

What does this mean? 
With the support of ISOMA Children, the community has established a “Water Management Committee”. The members are 50% men and 50% women from different areas of the village who are committed and will be responsible for taking care of the borehole, manitaining it, fixing it and collecting the fees. If we find water, the priority will be for the children of the planned ISOMA School, however all community members will be able to collect water for a small fee.

Why will the community pay fees? The fees that the community members will pay are not donations for ISOMA Children, these fees will only be used for maintenance and repairs of the system overtime. We have talked to multiple experts who advised that if we want The Water Project to be successful it is essential that the community is involved and members responsible for the system, after all this water well is for their benefit. The members of The Water Management Committee have dictated and agreed to rules and responsibilities.

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