Chief Executive Officer

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Executive Director

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Inter-institutional Relationships & Advisory Officer



Senior Project Manager

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Project Manager


Alejandra Alonso

Alejandra is originally from Mexico. She first travelled to Tanzania in 2013 as a volunteer and immediately felt a connection to the country, the people and the children. In 2013 she started a sponsorship programme for the children of Charity School Arusha, which was continued by Mosses and other volunteers.  She is determined to help more children to have access to quality education, no matter their background or income. In 2021 she returned to Tanzania to formalise her commitment and founded ISOMA Children NGO to help the children of the Orkisima Village achieve the unimaginable.

Alejandra holds an M.S. degree from Columbia University (NYC, USA) in Sustainability Management, and a B.A. in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. (Anahuac University, MX)

Alongside her ISOMA Children responsibilities, Alejandra works for Moody's Corporation in the ESG (Environment, social and governance) division.  Ale is also a DJ and Producer based in London, UK. Her most recent track (unreleased) - "ISOMA" produced with Yeronimou is helping raise awareness and funds for ISOMA Children.

Languages: Spanish, English, Swahili (Kidogo)

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Mosses Mollel

Mosses is originally from Tanzania, and he grew up in the Orkisima Village. He has always been passionate about education and teaching children to overcome barriers by learning, and is commited to helping the children of his comminity to reach their full potentials. Mosses has held director-level positions at different schools in the country and is now the Executive Director and Co-founder of ISOMA Children. He has extensive experience in the education environment as a student-centric instructor, academic facilitator and instructional coach.

Mosses holds a diploma of primary education from the Midlands Teachers College and is certified in Foundation Course from the Open University in Tanzania.

Languages: Swahili, Maa, English

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Godphrey Elibariki

Godphrey is originally from Tanzania and grew up in the Orkisima Village. He is a highly motivated, natural communicator in 6 languages. Alongside his job as Inter-institutional Relationships & Advisory Officer for ISOMA Children, he is also the Founder & Managing Director of Africa a to Medida, where he provides tourists and locals with unique, unforgettable Safari Journeys and experiences through sites of natural, historical and cultural interest. A true professional who always displays a true passion for what he does.

Godphrey holds a diploma in Wildlife Management, and several certificates including Tourism, German Language, Photography and Computing from various institutions in Tanzania.

Languages: Swahili, English, Spanish, French , German, Maa.


Maurine Mollel

Maurine is originally from Tanzania, she grew up in Arusha and her background is 50% Maasai. Maureen is an experienced finance accountant, avid volunteer and now Senior Project Manager at ISOMA Children. She is ready to share her expertise, knowledge and hard work in everything she does. 

Aside from her responsibilities at ISOMA children, Maurine is the founder and CEO of IRIE a producer of delicious suces and other food products and she also holds a title for Miss East Africa (2017). Beautiful inside and out.

Maurine holds a B.A. in Economics and Finance from the Institute of Accountancy Arusha.

Languages: English, Swahili 

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Elibariki Mollel

Elibariki is originally from Tanzania and grew up in the Orkisima Village. He is a highly motivated, good communicator in 3 languages. He is knowledgeable of Maasai culture, history and traditions. Alongside his job as project manager for ISOMA Children, he is also a field agent in the Monduli district for Afriscout, a mobile app that provides information on pasture and water to pastoralist communities for their animals. The platform uses satellite data to detect the presence of surface water and vegetation conditions, which is then relayed to pastoralists using the mobile app. A hard-working professional who always delivers an excellent job.

Elibariki holds a diploma in Travel & Tourism, from the National College of Tourism in Daar es Salam. He also has capacity building training in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Voluntourism, social entrepreneurship & leadership skills from the Youth United Nations Association (YUNA). 

Languages: Swahili, English, Maa.