1. Identify children in need of formal education and training;

2. Bring literacy to children, ages 5-21 of the Orkisima village;

3. Build facilities and schools in the remote area of Orkisima village for children’s education and integral development;

4. Ensure children continue their studies in other facilities if ISOMA Children cannot provide access or faces limitations.

5. Organize, coordinate, facilitate and build programmes to aid the community regarding; free formal school education for children, health education, environmental education, physical sports education, artistical education and related or complimentary focus areas;

6. Educate children in Swahili and English language, and promote Maasai literacy and history;

7. Find scholarships and sponsorships for children from poor families;

8. Build a programme to ensure children access to job employment opportunities and University level studies once they complete their primary and secondary education programme;


ISOMA Children's Mission is to bring free quality education to the children of Orkisima Village. We need your help to build the infrastructure to enable the children to learn. We are currently planning the architecture of the school, and the materials that will be needed to build the classrooms. 


Visit our volunteer page to become a changemaker and help bring the school project to life. We welcome everyone with or without experience.