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The Orkisima Village, located in the Arusha region in Tanzania is inhabited by 486 families from the Maasai Tribe. Compulsory education in Tanzania is from age 7 to 13 for Primary school studies, however less than 27% of the children of the village that fall in this age group currently attend school. On top of that, less than 25% of the children in the village attend Secondary school and less than 1% of the community have attended University studies. The children of the village are forced to walk over 15 kilometres to the nearest school every weekday only to get the lowest quality of education. Less than 25% of the community members of the Orkisima village have literacy in Swahili, the official language of the country, and less than 3% literacy in the English language. Their mother tongue, (Maa) is only spoken but not taught to read or write in any of the nearest school’s programmes.  The natural, socio-economic and cultural challenges of the village limit the children from reaching their dreams or even to dream at all.


ISOMA Children’s mission is to give the children of the Orkisima village access to free quality education. We aim to develop a school programme that integrates disciplinary and environmental studies, physical and artistic education that will enable the sustainable development of the community.


Access to equal opportunities, overcoming educational barriers, preserving Maasai traditions and culture for an integrated society.


1. Establish a sustainable steady network with other stakeholders: the government, organized groups, Non-Governmental Organizations, institutions and individuals to contribute to ISOMA Children’s mission and vision;

2. Identify, nurture and develop talents among the youth- girls and boys;

3. Preserve Maasai traditions and culture and promote an integrated society;

4. Promote and encourage advocacy and grassroots participation in decision making within the community;

5. Set up income generating projects (IGPS) to help develop a revolving fund and enable self-reliance attainment and long-term sustainability among the community members;

6. Build a programme for the community members and children to ‘give back’ and enable themselves and future generations to self-sustain.

7. Measure, track and report progress and changes in the community.

Our Focus Areas



The Orkisima Village is located in the district of Monduli in the Arusha region of Tanzania. It is surrounded by the most incredible national parks in the world. This makes it a location with spectacular wildlife where you can spot the BIG 5. (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and African Buffalo)

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