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We are looking for people like you, who believe in our mission and want to contribute and have a positive impact in the Maasai Community at the Orkisima Village. 

A world where children have access to education, their rights are protected and they're treated equally. Trustees help to make this happen! 

What will you be doing? 

Joining our board is a fantastic way to help us champion free quality education and the sustainable development of the Maasai communities in Tanzania. As a trustee you’ll have an essential role in contributing towards the direction of our charity and help to provide continuity, govern the charity and guide our future work. Everything you achieve and accomplish will make a direct difference to the children and families of the Orkisima village in Tanzania.

To help us develop and expand our work, we are looking for an enthusiastic Trustee with knowledge and experience in the charity sector, specifically to help us with registration process in UK, marketing & fundraising, communications and network building.

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for people who believe in our mission and want to contribute! If you have innovative ideas, are able to think creatively and ideally the following criteria:

  • You must be passionate about the mission.

  • You have relevant knowledge, networks and experiences. 

  • You are not afraid to be a disruptor, you are able to share challenging opinions with good intent.

  • Ideally, you have experience in charity governance and finance

  • If you’ve not held a similar position before, you are willing to learn about charity governance and finance.

  • You are willing to commit to your own development.

  • You have the ability to listen and desire to hear the voices of those who are impacted by the decisions you make.

  • You are generous with the skills and support you can provide.

  • Your are pro-active, innovative and able to commit to completing actions.

  • You are able to work as part of small team in a small charity.

Be prepared to take ownership of their role and commit to making a difference. It will be hard work and challenging but very rewarding.

The most important qualities of a trustee are honesty, stability, dependability, organization, financial experience, and ability to devote time and energy on an impartial basis for the benefit of ISOMA Children. 


There are 486 families from the Maasai Tribe living in the Orkisima Village. Less than 27% of the children of the village that should be going to school currently attend primary and secondary and less than 1% of the community have attended University studies. The natural, socio-economic and cultural challenges of the village limit the children from reaching their dreams or even to dream at all.

With your help and experience you will be a direct contributor to enable the community to have access to equal opportunities, overcome educational barriers, preserve Maasai traditions and culture to help them achieve the impossible and promote an integrated society.

What's in it for you?

Being a Trustee is a challenge but very rewarding. Everything you achieve and accomplish will make a direct difference to the Maasai community. You will be part of an international team from all backgrounds and gain experience in other areas. 

The village is located right next to Tanzania's best national parks, you will have the opportunity to meet the community and the surrounding wildlife!

This will be a lifechanging experience!

*Work can be done remotely from any location





Please send us your CV and/ or details about yourself and how you can contribute. 

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